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  • How can i install these sounds on my keyboard?
    Dont worry, you will receive an installation manual with all instructions to install the package.
  • How much space do I need to install the programs and samples?
    In each package page you will find a section called "Requirements". There you will find all space requirements for samples (sample partition) and programs slots.
  • Do I need Nord Sound Factory installed?
    Yes. For Nord Stage 3, Electro 5 and Electro 6 you need the Sound Factory that comes with your keyboard. Nord Sound Factory has base Piano Samples that are necessary. For Stage 2 package you will receive a full package, including the piano samples files from Nord.
  • How long to receive my files?
    As soon as you buy, you will receive a instant link to download the file. An addicional e-mail will be sent for you with the link (expires after 30 days).
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